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Tissue.Repair. The best name to describe what you do: Repairing of damaged tissue (construction of three dimensional tissues in the lab, such as skin, cartilage, cardiac and bone tissue) inside the  human body. 

Right now, no effective and complete solution to fully repairthe damage caused by trauma, burns, and even cancerous tissue. That is, until now. 

With this one of a kind  name, that describes what you do best, you can be the one to provide  that be-all and end-all solution that repairs human tissue, and saves  people's lives, faster and better than anyone  else.   

But why end there.  The most promising of all: self-assembling nanoparticles/miniature bots.  These will be able to repair, heal, and restore the tissue framework,  and ultimately in-situ tissue regeneration  will become commonplace.

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