Apply For Seller Account

Selling your domain names has never been more simple.

What are the costs?

  • We have a one off listing fee for domains of $50 which includes designing a logo. This also helps us confirm your identity as the owner of the domain.
  • 25% commission on final sale price. Please keep in mind we use affiliate and pay well to get your name noticed. Any affiliate commission is taken from our fee - not yours.
  • We require you to list your name exclusively with us and for a minimum of 1 year.

Only domains we agree to list will be charged this fee and applying to list your domains does not cost. We will contact you with final terms and prices on application.

In order to list your domain you must do the following;

  • Send us a list of your domain names from the application link below.
  • Wait for us to approve your listings and agree with you your selling price.
  • Forward your domain name to the page that will list your domain. You'll get this after creating your listing.
  • Make your domain information private


You will not be asked to pay anything at this stage.
Each domain will be assessed before contacting you about a listing.