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    Head is a single word and short domain. Can be used for health or fitness, education, technology and much more.

    Even Google uses .xyz domain names!

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    As part of a business investment plan you need a deck. What better than Smart Deck as a name to use for a site that provides advice on this?

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  • is a great name for a sinus industry health care site or news site.

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    Simple and easy to remember. Flume is a channel, a deep narrow defile containing a mountain stream, artificial channel or trough for conducting water, as one used to transport logs or provide water power or an amusement park ride in which passengers are carried in a boatlike or loglike conveyance through a narrow, water-filled chute or over a water slide. 

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    Socialattice or social lattice. Lattice means an interlaced structure or pattern resembling a lattice. That could be a window or a gate to something. Great for a social media network, consultancy or marketing service.

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