How to Buy Domain Names Like a Pro

There's been a lot of new domain top-level domains (TDLs) released over the past few years but how do you choose the right domain for you? Dot Com domain names are seen as the cream of the crop and show your customers that you have history and longevity. 

Ideally, whichever domain name you pick for your business it will be with you for a very long time. This means you need to give your choice a lot of thought. Let’s go over some things to consider before the process of buying a premium domain name.

Protecting Your Domain’s Privacy

Domain names are recorded as part of a public record. That means anyone can look up who owns your domain. This can be problematic if the public records contain sensitive information including your own phone number instead of a company number.

You can protect yourself by making sure to sign up for domain privacy services when buying your domain. Every reputable registrar will offer this option to protect your information.

If you use Whois privacy, when someone tries to look up your domain record they’ll see the privacy company's name and address.

Picking a Top Level Domain (TLD)

Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the bit after the dot. ".com" for example. The most mainstream TLD choice is .com. It's recognised worldwide and there's no confusing for potential visitors to your site. 

Be that as it may, there are several TLDs you can browse. Most, in general go for less money than dot coms, while others, especially short one word names can be more costly. 

Our advice is to stick with .com is a protective decision and to help hold or grow it's capital value over time. Other "safe" TLDs include  .net, .xyz, and even .io, if you're a tech business. 

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