What do I get when I purchase a name?

When you buy a domain name from Brandaisy you are buying the rights to the name for a one off fee. The name will be transferred to your name and it will be up to you to renew the domain each year after for the standard cost at a registrar. Normal yearly renewal costs are around $10 but this varies from registrar to registrar. You are free to move your domain to any registrar you wish after buying from us.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card, paypal, bank transfer and Escrow.com. When buying with credit card or paypal it can take a little longer to process your payment and we will ask you to send us proof of ID before transfering the name to you.

How long does the domain transfer take?

Once payment has been received and cleared it normally takes 2-9 days to transfer to your registrar. We can make this quicker if we transfer it to another account with the same registrar. You can then transfer this to your registrar later if you wish. As we are a marketplace for other sellers to sell their names it can take a little longer in some circumstances but we are here to help things along smoothly.

Can I make an offer?

All of our prices are fixed when stated on the website. Occasionally we hold auctions for domains but the price you see on the page is the price you pay.

I'm interested a domain, what do I do?

Please feel free contract us using the contact us page.

Do domains come with trademarks?

No. In order to know if a domain name infringes a trademark there are many factors to consider such as location, industry and the services your company will provide. We advise that you do some research and maybe get some legal advice before you commit to using the name. Even with an existing trademark as long as you business or product is different you may still be able to use the name. xxx